12 of the Worst Dating Stories You Will Hear Today


Dating is hard and dating idiots is even harder. Take a look at the following 13 blurbs from Ask Reddit about people who found some of the biggest idiots around. Another reason I am oh so glad I’m married.

1. Giddy Up

She showed me pictures of her ex’s penis. Before, and after she photoshopped a little cowboy hat and sheriff’s badge on it.

2. Let’s Go Camping

I dated a girl for 2 years, thought I was gonna marry her.She invited me on a camping trip with her family. Turns out it was her “family,” as in 100ish people involved in a doomsday cult. Took a while to get over that one.

3. More to be Desired

So I went on a couple dates with this girl and she was giving me some signs that she was ready to get a little physical. So I lean in close and try to kiss her, and she turns her face away from me. Stunned I end up going home and thinking it was over between us. Later on, she contacts me and starts hinting we should go out again. I decide to go for it, again, after getting some heavy hints and she pushes me away. So now I just ask, what’s going on? She says, “I go on dates with you so I don’t feel like I’m undesirable, but I’m not attracted to you.”She called me the next day and I told her I’m not dating people who make me feel undesirable, then hang up.

4. Whip and Nay Nay

I met a local dude on OKCupid and we decided to meet up one night to hang out. He took his penis out in my car because he thought we would have sex.Not okay, sir. Not okay.

5. Confidence Booster

After I made him dinner, did the dishes, and we had amazing sex, he rolled over mid-cuddles to tell me all about his ex-girlfriend, how I had no desirable girlfriend-esque traits, and that the only reason he liked me was because I liked him. I boosted his confidence.

This was after a month of seeing each other.

6. Parks and Rec

Had a friend’s friend ask me out, saying he’d love to just hang out with me and smoke and have a few drinks.. I said I don’t mind (I found him kind of attractive).
He then asked if I liked parks.. Uhmm, yes, I do enjoy parks (I run and our area has several nice parks for running). His response?

“Cool, let’s swing by ___ park first.. we can hang out and talk a bit before going to the bar for drinks.. and there’s this cozy spot where you can blow me”

Apparently I attract a**hats.

7. Jesus Save Me

I remember a girl in college who agreed to go out with me. She said she had a surprise for me.

Christian revival meeting. Buuuuuuh!