3 Sisters All End up Engaged Within 3 Months of Each Other and Have a Triple Wedding

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray



Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

Sisters Hannah (25), Naomi (24), and Elisabeth (22) have always been each others’ best friends. They even roomed together one year in college. So when they all got engaged to their high school sweethearts within three months of one another, their dad half-jokingly threw out the idea of having a triple wedding. To his surprise, his daughters actually loved the thought. The sisters, who grew up Georgetown, NY in a family of ten, were used to doing things together and have always been super close, so for them a triple wedding just felt right.

“We thought it would be unique and make our wedding day more special by being able to share it with each other. It didn’t take long to get our grooms on board, but with one exception – we go to different locations for the honeymoon!” -Naomi

The Way They Met

Naomi + Caleb

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

Though Hannah is the oldest, Naomi was the first sister to get together with her future husband, Caleb. They met ten years ago in church. Naomi grew up at the church, so when Caleb and his family began attending in 2007, she immediately noticed the cute new boy – and he noticed her, too. However, Naomi was only 15 at the time, and her dad had a strict rule about “not dating until you’re 18.”

Luckily for Naomi, her family grew close to Caleb’s over the next year – attending each other’s family gatherings and bonding at church functions. Once Naomi’s dad got to know Caleb and found he was a respectable young man who came from a good family, he gave them his blessing. The couple dated throughout all of high school and college, with the exception of a temporary split during Naomi’s senior year (the two were worried they had not experienced enough and were too young to have really found their soulmates). But, ultimately, they found their separation to be unbearable and realized their hearts belonged to each other. So when they got back together, it was for good.

Hannah + Mike

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Naomi and Caleb actually introduced Hannah and Mike. Caleb and Mike played on the same baseball team, though at a different high school than the girls attended. Naomi would regularly attend Caleb’s games to cheer him on and often brought Hannah along to keep her company in the bleachers. Little did Hannah know that her future husband, Mike, was one of Caleb’s teammates. When they were introduced after one of his games, there was an instant connection. Over the next few months, they developed a close friendship, which eventually turned into a relationship. However, Hannah’s dad’s “no dating until 18” rule applied to her as well – so Mike and Hannah had to find creative ways to spend time together. They went to the same college in Boston to be with each other, but split halfway through due to differences. Luckily, they found their way back to each other a year later and have been together ever since.

Elisabeth + Hunter:

Photo Credit: Korver Photography

Elisabeth and Hunter are also high school sweethearts. They first met when they were 13 years old while volunteering for Arise and Ski, but they didn’t really connect until they were both freshman at the same small high school, a place where everyone knew everyone. Soon after, they were a couple. They dated through high school and college but never once split up. They always knew they were meant to be together.

The Engagements

“None of the sisters were expecting their proposals.” Sarah Murray

The coincidental timing of the proposals was completely unplanned by the sisters’ now-husbands. Caleb got there first, proposing at the tail end of summer 2015. He popped the question to Naomi at Cazenovia Lake on the pier – a special place for him and Naomi, where they shared many long conversations and evening picnics.

Next up were Elisabeth and Hunter. Though Elisabeth had no idea her proposal was coming so quickly after her sister’s, she did know that her and Hunter would end up together because they had already begun planning their future. The couple purchased their first home in 2015 with the intention to fix it up and move in together after they got married. The house had belonged to Elisabeth’s late grandparents, so it meant a great deal to her. A few months after closing on the house and just before Thanksgiving, Hunter proposed in the driveway – the perfect way to start their new lives together.

Mike had always dreamt of marrying Hannah; however, he hadn’t planned on doing it so soon. But once Hannah’s sisters were engaged, the pressure was on – especially because Hannah is the oldest of the three. So he moved his original timeline up (just a tad, though). Months prior to getting engaged, Mike and Hannah had purchased a piece of land where they plan on building a house together one day. It was on the land where they’d invested in their life together that Mike got down on one knee and asked Hannah to be his wife, just a few days before Christmas.

The Wedding

A triple wedding is no easy feat – it requires triple the planning.

“We knew the day would be longer than your average wedding day and require a minute by minute itinerary, so the first step in the planning process was to hire an event coordinator. Luckily, we’ve always shared very similar taste, so agreeing on the decor was easy. We loved an elegant yet rustic, bohemian look.” – Naomi

What’s especially awesome about this triple wedding is how hands on and crafty everyone was.

Naomi’s fiancé Caleb is a carpenter, and he handmade all of the wooden farm tables for the reception, which took place inside a beautiful restored barn.

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

Naomi, Elisabeth, and Hannah personally baked 900 cookies for their curated cookie bar display. When they were younger, the sisters were affectionately known as the ‘pie girls’ because they used to bake cookies and pies and sell them at local farmers’ markets – so the cookie bar was the perfect tribute to their close-knit childhood and ongoing bond. The cookies they baked for their wedding were also meant as favors for guests to take home at the end of the evening

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

The father of the brides made their simple, yet beautiful wedding cake, dripping with figs and berries. Growing up, their dad had always baked cakes for his kids’ birthday parties and graduations. He had a stack of cake books and would let his children pick out whatever cake they wanted him to make. So it was only natural that he baked and decorated the cake for his daughters’ wedding, too.

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

The three ceremonies took place one after another, with a half hour in between each. The short break gave the sisters just enough time to change their dresses, so they were all able to be each others’ bridesmaids/maids of honor. During these little intermissions, guests were able to grab a drink inside the barn or play one of the lawn activities that had been set out, like corn hole and horseshoe. Guests were also given the opportunity to opt out of attending the other two ceremonies if they were only close to one of the couples – but almost everyone attended all three anyways.

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

Photo Credit: Sarah Murray

Three couples, three ceremonies, one reception. It all adds up to a day packed full of love and celebrations!