How My Dog Led Me To My Soulmate


I decided to get a puppy when I was in graduate school because I was single, living alone, and needed a companion. I figured it would also force me to take more breaks and get some fresh air during the day.

So along came my fur baby Stanley.

A few months into fur-motherhood, we had a 55 degree day in the middle of December in Omaha, Nebraska (essentially, a miracle). I knew I had to take advantage of the weather and take Stanley to the dog park. And let me tell you, after being cooped up in my apartment, a frisky Stanley was more than ready to play.

As we were walking up to the park, Stanley got so excited that he yanked his leash with enough force that it jolted my whole body forward and caused me to lose my grip. I frantically started shouting and running after him. When I caught up with him, I quickly swooped him up in my arms. Then I noticed he had a tennis ball in his mouth that wasn’t ours.

The dog who’s ball it was quickly ran up to us, with his owner following right behind. I started apologizing to the dog’s owner while wrestling to pull the ball out of Stanley’s mouth. When I looked up to hand it back to him, I noticed this dog dad was pretty cute.

Greg introduced himself and then asked if his dog, Sully, could play with Stanley. For the rest of our time at the park, Greg and I walked around throwing the tennis ball to the dogs and talking. When we both decided it was time to head home, Greg asked me for my number. I got in my car and called my cousin immediately, telling her about the afternoon I just had. Before I even made it back to my apartment, I had a message from Greg asking me if we could meet for dinner and drinks. Two days later, we met at a bar downtown and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

About a year later, we moved in together and became a family of four (Me, Greg, Stanley, and Sully). Since then, our lives have been filled with lots of themed house parties, copious amounts of dog hair, and so much love.

Of course, Greg and Sully are stoked to be living together and to have their favorite playmate around 24-7.

I feel so lucky that I found Greg. He is seriously the most amazing man I have ever met. He wakes up at 5:30 AM to clean the snow off my car before I have to go to work, and always does little things that mean so much to me. Every girl deserves to have a Greg.

P.s. – To anyone reading this who is still looking for love- I can’t tell you how many times I used to read the posts on The Way We Met and think to myself, “Ugh that kind of stuff will never happen to me” or “When do I get to meet a good guy?” Now I’m submitting my story. Don’t lose hope!