Everyone Loves Pizza, but Not Everyone Falls in Love Because of Pizza. Unless You’re Me.




I was only 21 years old, but it felt like my life was over. All my friends had moved to different towns, which I guess happens when you start to grow up. I went back to my boring hometown, where I truly was all alone. I’d always been a “nerd,” and when your primary interest is gaming, it’s kind of hard to get out and meet new people. I had no job. No social life. Really, nothing to get up for in the morning.

I was sitting outside one cold night, staring at the sky and feeling sorry for myself. Watching the stars just made me feel even smaller in such a big, lonely world. Then, right at that moment, I saw three shooting stars flash by, one right after the other. I know it sounds stupid, but I made a wish on them. I wished that I’d find my soulmate, and soon.

The next week I got a call for an interview at Domino’s pizza. I started almost immediately. I didn’t care that it wasn’t anything fancy – it was job, and it paid the bills. But on my first day working there, while I was managing the phones, the most incredible thing happened. Angel walked in, and the room lit up.

Really. That’s exactly the way I remember it.  The second I saw her, time stopped. Somehow, I managed to finish the phone call, but by the time it was over, she’d left.  She was gone, and I didn’t even get her name. I remember thinking that of course this would happen to me – of course the girl of my dreams would walk into my life and then, just as quickly, walk right back out before I even got to say hello.

Luckily, it wasn’t over yet. The very next day, something unbelievable happened. When I got to work, I couldn’t believe my eyes: there she was again. Angel. And this time she was dressed in a Domino’s uniform just like me.  Turns out, she was an employee there too and had just stopped by the day before to pick up her paycheck. I was freaking out on the inside, but I did my best to be ‘manly’ and not show it. I immediately started talking to her.

I knew one thing for sure – this time, I wasn’t going to miss my chance.

It was crazy, but instantly it felt as if we had known each other forever, like we were the best of friends. Of course, I figured this beautiful, perfect unicorn of a woman was way out of my league. Seriously – she’d been a cheerleader, and I was a geek. Complete opposites. Not to mention her name was literally ANGEL. I mean come on! I never in a million years thought I had a chance.

For once in my life, I got lucky. Maybe the universe really was listening to me on that cold night, because it turned out that Angel felt the same way about me. A few months later, after hanging out and talking pretty much non-stop, we had our first kiss. Now, we’re celebrating our 3 year anniversary.

Over the years, a lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t. Angel still makes time stop when she walks into a room. It may sound cheesy – no pun intended – but I love absolutely everything about her.

I never believed it when people told me that true love would find me, but it happened. The craziest thing, which we found out months later, is that the manager at Dominos almost threw away my application. I was one split-second decision away from not getting that job, from not standing at that phone when Angel walked into that pizza joint and changed my life forever. But I did, and she did, and things turned out to be more than okay – in fact, they’re better than I ever dreamed they could be. The universe set everything in motion for me.

She will always have a pizza my heart.

All photos courtesy of Alex Shirley