This Couple Knew Time Was Precious – So Their Engagement Was Only 11 Days


My husband and I met in 2011 working at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He was a bartender, and I was a cocktail waitress. Because of our similar last names – his is Moobery and mine was Mutchler – our co-workers had the same nickname for us both: Moo/Mu. We would always get so confused when someone would call out to one of us.

About a month after we started talking, Rob texted me one night and said, “Two moo’s and some brews?” We met up for a couple of beers and from that moment on we were attached at the hip. Just five months later, we moved in together.

Not long after we unpacked all our boxes and settled in, I realized something was wrong with Rob. He wasn’t feeling well and seemed a bit off. He began having terrible stomach pain and it escalated quickly. We went to countless doctors, and Rob was even hospitalized a few times, but no one could give us any answers. Rob lost 60 pounds in 12 months. We knew something was terribly wrong with him, but we didn’t know what. Finally, during his third hospital stay, a surgeon came in and said he was going to do be doing an exploratory surgery the following day. When we asked why, he replied, “No healthy man loses 60 pounds in one year.”

Photo Credit: Jesse Lai from Nightingale Photography

I could never have prepared myself for the nightmare that followed. After the surgery was finished, the doctor came out and informed me that Rob had stage four terminal colorectal cancer – they had removed a tumor the size of a man’s fist during his procedure. But they were too late. The cancer had spread to Rob’s bladder, lymphoids, and aorta track. The doctor advised me to get Rob’s affairs in order and gave him a prognosis of approximately 2 weeks to live.

A few nights later, while I laid in the hospital bed with Rob, he turned to me and whispered, “I want to get married.” I immediately cried out, “So do I!”


Rob was temporarily released from the hospital with orders to come back and start his chemotherapy treatment 2 weeks later. We called all of our friends and told them we were getting married in 11 days – two days before Rob was to start the treatment that would most likely kill him. So on August 11th, 11 months after we started dating and only 11 days after getting engaged, Rob and I got married at our house with our closest friends and family

As planned, 2 days later Rob started treatment…

After his first round of chemo/radiation, he showed no signs of getting better. We made the decision to decline his next rounds of treatment and go the holistic route instead – and we did it together. We both changed our diets to strictly vegan, experimented with different herbs, and even did coffee enemas. Our doctors told us we were being naïve, but just 3 weeks later Rob’s cancer was 80 percent gone.


And by the beginning of December 2014 there was no evidence of disease. Incredibly, we beat cancer.

Our next hurdle came when trying to start a family. Since Rob had undergone radiation, it was very unlikely we’d get pregnant on our own, so we had to go through IVF. It was another emotional journey, one that included a heartbreaking miscarriage, but, finally, we got pregnant with twins!


Our little twinkies are now 18 months old, and everyone is thriving. It’s crazy to think that only a few years ago we had all the odds stacked against us.

It just goes to show you that love can make miracles.