I Was a 30-Year-Old Divorcee with 3 Kids and a Full Time Job…


I didn’t think love was in the cards for me – I mean, where would I even find the time, let alone a man who would voluntarily sign up for that? Well, it turns out, an investment I made following my divorce ended up leading to someone investing in me.

My ex-husband and I got married in our early 20’s. We were so young. We both changed so much throughout our 20’s that we ended up becoming drastically different people. He is more of a homebody while I’m someone who likes to constantly be going and doing things. I am always seeking to evolve, take chances, learn new things, and explore. Our relationship grew stagnant. I realized if I couldn’t make myself happy, I wouldn’t be able to make our kids happy either. Luckily, despite getting married and having kids at a young age, I never lost sight of my career. I continued to work as a teacher with the exception of brief maternity leaves. After years as a teacher, I was promoted to assistant principal. 

I know many people get stuck in marriages that aren’t working for them due to financial reasons, which is why I’m so grateful I built a solid career and financial independence.  I was able to buy my first house on my own after my divorce – or at least put the down payment on my mortgage, anyways. 

The mortgage guy who helped me over the phone was very friendly and we kept in touch afterwards. One day, I went in to his office to sign some paperwork and he said, “You should go out with a guy who works for me. Let me set you up!” I laughed and said, “No way. I’m not interested, plus who is going to want someone with three young kids?” But eventually, I gave in and agreed to go on the blind date. I figured, ONE dinner wouldn’t kill me. Then on the night of my “blind date,” he walked in, and it was straight out of the movies. Everything was a blur, my heart was racing, and my stomach had butterflies. We pretty much never went a day without seeing each other after that.

The first time he met my kids, we decided to go for a walk around my neighborhood one night before I put them to bed.  That was his first glimpse into all the chaos– my boys could never be trusted to keep their clothes on at night, so they ended up in backwards pajamas and my daughter talked his ear off the whole time. My crazy life was on full display, but somehow I still managed to get the guy! 

This past April we eloped in Vegas. 

Who knew that the man who helped me with financing my house would end up making it a home.