I Got Engaged Over Skype


In March of 2014, my mom’s friend texted her and said she wanted to set me up with a cute lieutenant who she referred to as my ‘future husband’.

I didn’t see the point because logistically it didn’t make sense  – he lived in Texas, and I lived in Denver.  Not to mention, he was only a couple months away from deploying to Egypt for 9 months. The odds were fiercely against us, but for some reason I thought to myself, “Oh why not?” and let my mom’s friend give him my number.

The first time David called me, I was nervous and didn’t want to answer, but my sister made me. It was a very short conversation because he was just about to get to dinner, but I remember instantly loving his voice.

I also appreciated that he said he would call the next day – and then he did. That has always been my favorite thing about David: he’s reliable. If he said he would call, he’d call.

David and I had a few more phone conversations, each one lasting hours at a time. It was just so easy and comfortable to talk to him. I knew I had to see him over Skype since it was the next best thing to meeting him in person. For our first ‘Skype date,’ I made sure to look cute, but not like I was trying too hard (haha!), and David was in his uniform because he had just gotten off work.  We ended up staying on Skype together for 2 hours, talking about everything. We said goodnight because we had to go, but neither of us wanted to end the call.

I couldn’t wait to see his face again.

After that, we both were falling for each other, and fast. One night, after having a few beers, David, on a total whim booked a plane ticket to come see me in Denver for my birthday – which was a week away. I was so nervous to meet him in person that before I picked him up from the airport, I downed a glass of wine (Don’t worry – I stayed within the legal limit.)

We spent the next 3 weekends together, and they were perfect – blissful, in fact. And then, just like that, he was off to Egypt. For 9 months.

I remember we pulled out a map before he left to get a visual of how far it is from Denver. It’s far. Very far.

Those 9 months that followed were extremely difficult – but it was probably also the best thing that ever happened to our relationship. It forced us to really communicate because communication was all we had. I think in the early stages of a relationship it’s easy to get caught up in the physical intimacy, but David and I didn’t have that option. So we spent all those months building a really strong foundation.

We got engaged on Skype, which many people think is crazy. But up until that point, David and I had spent the majority of our relationship communicating that way, so for us it wasn’t weird. It just kind of happened one night; we were talking about our future together and how we wanted to get married, and David said, “Lets pick a date!” So we did. He gave me a ring in Egypt when I went to visit him a few months later.

The hardest part about our marriage has definitely been the deployments, just like we knew it would be. David had to deploy just 6 weeks after our son was born, and it was really hard not having him around. He missed so many of our son’s firsts, and that made both of us sad. Deployments test your relationship, but they also make you appreciate each other so much more. I have such a great respect for David and what he does because I know his sacrifices are for a greater cause. It’s all worth it in the end.

I know it sounds corny, but David is my best friend. I still love learning new things about him, and seeing him as a father has nearly made my heart explode. Now our son is almost two years old, and we have a newborn baby girl who was born on our 2nd wedding anniversary (best anniversary present ever!).

And to think I almost didn’t give this cute lieutenant a chance!

My advice to those looking for love is this: don’t get too overwhelmed by the future and how you think you’re going to make it all work –  just be open to opportunities as they come your way, and you’ll figure out the rest of the details as you go.

Photos courtesy of Jenny Ziegelhofer