“Your Life is Your Message to the World – Make Sure It’s Inspiring.”


We met just about 4 years ago at an art exhibition. From the moment I eyed Günther, I felt drawn towards him. Intuition is an exact science and your energy introduces you – before you even speak! I immediately sensed here is someone in harmony with his temper and awareness. Gunther’s spirit emanates light and love. 

Günther later said to me, “It’s wonderful that we met each other. It feels like a miracle that you appeared in my life. The door was wide open and I was expecting you!”

Our love for life, our lightheartedness, thoughtfulness, our love to dance, and our people-connecting attitudes led us into this enchanting friendship. 

Günther and I both like to live in a state of unconditional love and naivety – astonished and full of joy by the small wonders of life. We love challenges and embrace change. We are dreamers, doers, and thinkers. We like to generate meaning and see possibility everywhere.

We are both constantly trying to broaden our horizons, expecting less and less and giving more and more. We worship community and believe HUMANITY SHOULD BE YOUR RACE. Don’t let anyone define you but you. And always remember, your life is your message to the world, so make sure it’s inspiring.

Photo by Joanna Totolici