Being so Deep in Love Hurts.


Within 30 seconds of meeting her, my heart stopped.

I had to take off my glasses because I couldn’t look her in the eyes. I knew life, as I knew it, was over 90 seconds after we introduced ourselves. This was supposed to be a “business” thing… we’re both online business coaches and were meeting to collaborate. But 2 hours later, it took me EVERYTHING in my power not to kiss her. I sat in my car, with the words “Want to go for a date on the beach to watch the sunset?” On my screen… I pushed the send button.

I had no idea that I’d fall so hard. I never really “got” love. I never really understood the concept of “falling” or losing the ability to be in control.

I’ve come to find out, that’s what this whole love thing is all about. It’s been 8 months. The best 8 months of my entire life, in every aspect. However, I want to be honest with you, being so deep in love, hurts. It’s a level of commitment, to myself, that I’ve never had. It’s a level of understanding I’ve never experienced. It’s a whole other level.

It’s been a catalyst for the most personal growth in my entire life. On average, I’ve spent 10 hours a week in therapy, and another 20 hours a week alternating between crying and mad-man happiness. I now know that I was only playing at 1% before. I blew up my business 3 weeks before meeting Libby when I realized I had to trust myself… and because of it, in the past 6 months, I’ve built a business that is now doing over $500,000 in monthly recurring revenue. We’ll hit $1,000,000 by September.

But if I didn’t meet Libby, and she wasn’t who she is, I wouldn’t have realized my purpose in life.

And I would still be traveling the world, seeking the next big adventure from the external, instead of realizing what I really sought, can only come from within. Libby has made me realize that the depth is where all the good things come from. I know, that the day I love myself as much as I love her, will be the day that the freedom I’ve always wanted from my journey will be here.
I look back on my past self, and I don’t see anyone I recognize. Yet, I look in the mirror now and I see myself. And I look in her eyes and see the person that I’m so excited to have married. The person I get to spend the rest of my life with.
It’s truly an amazing phenomenon to experience what you felt couldn’t be. To feel your heart held so deeply with so much intent that it bursts open. For joy to run through your veins and excitement to flood your senses. In myself, I’ve found inner peace, an inner contentment that allows me an elevated state that I didn’t know was possible. For a long time, I didn’t think I was worthy.

Perhaps someone reading this might feel that way, too. Like it will never happen. Or even that Hollywood has ruined what love might just be.

Then one day, as you look into your lovers eye, you see the glimmer and realize… It’s not like Hollywood. It’s better because it’s real life. And that you are worthy of the person who will launch your growth, allow you to evolve, and ensure that you become the person that the world needs you to step up to be.
The journey may be long, yet…
the road is rich and the