You Really Can Find Anything at Target – Even a Husband


Everyone knows what it’s like to walk into Target planning to purchase a few things, and then walking out with a million items you don’t need – and, somehow, without the one thing you came in for. If you’re reading this, chances are you too have left the store in a daze with a receipt down to your ankles. Britney Rager is one woman who’s quite familiar with leaving Target with more than she ever expected. In 2012, she walked into the department store and hit the bull’s-eye (no pun intended).

Britney had just graduated college and was saving up to move to California, where she could put her BA in Theater to good use. As soon as she graduated, she hit the ground running and applied for jobs everywhere she could. The first place to call her back was Target, offering her a position as a cashier, which she gladly accepted.

After a couple of weeks on the job, another new cashier was hired, and he started working at the register right next to her. His name was Taylor Ray, and, naturally, the two spent a lot of their down time chatting with each other.

One of the first things they discovered they had in common was they both “just graduated.” However, Britney automatically assumed Taylor meant college, and never even thought to ask. She was completely shocked when she later found out that what he had meant was that he only just graduated high school.

It was a big disappointed for Britney because she had just started to develop feelings for Taylor. Now it felt like a romance between them was no longer possible. Britney was 23 at the time, while Taylor was only 18. Even though he was mature for his age, Britney couldn’t wrap her head around their age difference. She had just never imagined herself being with a younger guy.

But as the story goes, we make plans, and god laughs.

…and so does Target.

About seven months after they met, Britney decided to have a small get-together at her house and invited some friends and co-workers over –  including Taylor, of course.  As the night went on, Britney found out that some of her co-workers had been slipping Taylor drinks, which made her really mad because he was underage at the time.

Taylor’s drunken state became especially obvious when he turned to Britney in front of all their friends and co-workers and said, “We’re going to get married one day.” In the moment, Britney’s anger quickly turned to embarrassment, but deep down she was also a little giddy. Prior to that, Taylor had never hinted at having any feelings for her whatsoever.

As the evening ended and people started heading out, Britney insisted Taylor crash on her couch so she could keep an eye on him. When Taylor woke up the next morning, he was extremely embarrassed and hungover. Brittany wanted to bring up his comment from the night before about wanting to marry her, but decided to spare him any more humiliation in his condition. So she waited a few days to mention it. But when she finally did, heart in her throat, she was surprised to hear that Taylor still stood by what he said.

The two started hanging out more outside of work, one-on-one. Sometimes, they would even lose track of time and find themselves talking in the parking lot of Target after work until two in the morning.

Britney and Taylor slow dancing in the parking lot of Target – Photo was captured by one of their co-workers.

A few months later, they agreed to be exclusive, and two years after that they got engaged. They recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, on 11/11/17.

“We really just enjoy being in each other’s company. We could be doing something as simple as running errands together and be having the time of our life. It took us a really long time to admit we wanted to be together because of our age gap, but now I realize how trivial that is in the grand scheme of things. I didn’t chose to fall in love with someone younger, it just happened.”

Now Britney, 28, and Taylor, 23, are both working full-time while pursuing their dreams on the side. Taylor has plans to start classes for dentistry and Britney spends her spare time writing in order to fulfill her creative side.

The couple no longer works at Target, but they maintain that it’s still one of their favorite places to go.