She Loved Him When He Had Nothing, and Now Together, They Have Everything.


When I met Priscilla I didn’t have money, a stable income, or even a car – I actually rode my bike to and from work or took the bus. My future looked bleak, at best.

I was working the front desk at a gym on the day Priscilla walked in and signed up for a membership there. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was different from any girl I had ever met. When we started talking, we developed an immediate connection.

When we started dating, I literally told her, “I have nothing to offer you.” Yet all she asked for was my heart. Only 6 months into our relationship, we decided to get married, just the two of us without anyone else knowing. There was no surprise engagement and no diamond ring. I had just enough money to pay for the marriage certificate and a $3 ring for her, but it was enough. All we cared about was being married and spending our life together as husband and wife. And even though her ring was only $3, she wore it proudly and showed it off to everyone as if it had cost 3 million. She loved telling people she was Mrs. Carrasco.

After a few months of marriage, a lot of hard work, and many prayers, I was finally able to buy her the diamond ring she deserved. And even though we were already married, I got down on one knee and gave her the proper proposal she deserved as well.

I’m not sharing our story to brag about money or gloat about how I can afford nicer things now. Instead, this post is meant to cherish and honor my wife for accepting me for who I am and what I had to offer when I didn’t have much.

The way she looked at me when I got down on one knee to ‘propose’ the right way was the most rewarding moment of my life, followed by seeing her in her perfect white dress at our wedding ceremony. I vow every day to always support her unconditionally through the good times and the bad, as she has done for me. I will continue to work hard every day to prove her right for taking a chance on me.

Priscilla, thank you for being my wife. No matter how many gifts I give you, nothing will compare to the gift I was given: you.