What Happens When Two Artists Fall in Love


“I met Eric when we were both working at clothing stores on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. He worked two stores down from me, and we would always see each other from a distance. He finally approached me one day and said, “You are beautiful. You look like the kind of girl who listens to good music and smokes good weed.” Then he asked me out and I was so excited that I tripped over myself and broke the wedge right off my shoe. (These were heavily studded Jeffrey Campbell wedges, which were totally my vibe back then.) It was so embarrassing. I still had a few hours left of my shift, so I ended up having to scoot around with a broken shoe the rest of the day. But 6 years later, I scooted my way down the aisle as his bride and now we’re married.

Eric is a musician and I’m a clothing designer. Having two creatives in a relationship can be challenging at times in terms of stability, but I don’t think either of us would feel fulfilled being with someone who didn’t identify with that lifestyle. Some might think it would be easier if only one of us was the creative, but we don’t see it that way. We inspire each other daily. For example, Eric will play music in the house that brings me back to a certain time period in which I’ll draw fashion inspiration from. Or Eric’s songwriting will be inspired by the love we share or hurdles we’ve faced together. It works in our favor because we feel no one knows the artistic mind better than a fellow artistic.

We also motivate each other. When one of us is in a creative upswing, it inspires the other one of us to hustle. We’ve realized that by encouraging each other, we raise our collective energy. Of course, there have been times where we’ve faced challenges with financial stability, but we’ll take on side jobs when things are slow. The uncertainty of being an artist can definitely be scary at times, but for us, the only thing that would be scarier is not pursuing what we love.

We feel lucky that we can always count on each other. Even when one of us is feeling insecure, we’re able to find security in just knowing the other person is there. We’re truly best friends.”