A Tale of Two Frenchies


This is Kolbie.

This is Keeva.

Kolbie and Keeva are two French Bulldogs living together in Tennessee.

They first met when they were pups and got adopted by the same forever family. Their owner brought Keeva home first and Kolbie joined the family a month later.

From the moment these Frenchies laid eyes on each other, it was love at first sight.


They became attached at the hip and started doing everything together…

From shopping,

To going for long car rides,

Scheming ways to jump the fence,

And of course, sporting matching outfits.

But just as Kolbie and Keeva started to grow comfortable together in their routine, someone new was about to come along and shake it all up…

That someone was a mini pig named Opal.

Kolbie and Keeva didn’t have much of a say in Opal joining the family, they just knew their humans were rescuing Opal from becoming bacon.

When the day came to go and pick up Opal, Kolbie went along for the ride, while Keeva stayed back at home. Kolbie felt it was best that he go first and sniff out the situation.

No one expected what happened next…

Almost instantly, Opal captured Kolbie’s heart. In fact, Kolbie was so protective of Opal, that he guarded his bed that night while he slept.

At first, Keeva wasn’t too happy about sharing her man’s affection, but soon, her maternal instincts kicked in and she found herself being quite nurturing towards Opal too.

In time, it became clear – Kolbie and Keeva had adopted Opal as their own and the three had become a happy little family.

But perhaps the most miraculous thing of all happened one day as Kolbie was taking a bath.

Opal started nursing on Keeva! Keeva’s maternal instincts were so strong that she was able to produce milk for another animal despite not being pregnant.

This unconventional family is living proof that love comes in all forms.

For more great photos of these three check out @KolbieandKeeva and @Opal.piggy on Instagram