This Couple Knew That Young Love Is Still Real Love


It seems as if everyone has an opinion about relationships these days. That couple is “too young,” they’re “too old,” or it’s “too soon.” And even though statistics show the average marrying age is getting older (the latest data shows it as 30), that doesn’t solidify what’s right for every couple. Madison and Blake Mealy are living proof that young love is REAL, and when you know in your heart it’s right, forever can’t start soon enough.

Photo Credit: Heather Goodman

These two were only 14 and 17 when they met at summer camp – she definitely noticed him, but thought “he was way too hot, cool, and old” for her. She was just a middle-schooler who wore “1-inch thick prescription glasses,” which didn’t help her case, other than allowing her to stare from afar. However, with nothing to lose, she decided to take a chance, leaving him a written love note thanking him for making camp “a more attractive place.” Pretty smooth for a 14-year-old.

Photo Credit: Jessica Janae

After camp, they became friends on Facebook but didn’t talk again for 4 years. Then, when Madison was 18 and Blake was 21, she decided to make Move #2 – she sent him a private message on Facebook.  He responded which lead to additional witty message exchanges back and forth, and then a few days later, they went on their first date.  Soon after that they became official.

“I remember after Blake and I started hanging out, we were at the beach when one of his friends randomly asked Blake, “so dude, is this your girlfriend or what?” He looked at me for a second and than responded, ‘yeah man, she’s my girlfriend.’ 1% of me was thinking what the hell? Thanks for asking me if I even wanted to be your girlfriend and the other 99 percent of me was quite stoked.”

After all, her childhood crush was finally saying the words she’d always hoped to hear.

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Things got serious quickly, which led Madison to ask her mom how to know whether she’d found “the one.” Her response to her daughter was simple: “Try to imagine your life without him.”

Madison tried so hard to picture it and just couldn’t. So when Blake popped the question, of course she said yes. They’ve now been married for two years and “it just keeps getting better and better.”

“We’ve had a lot of people question us for getting married so young and think we’re crazy for it, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I think it’s pretty awesome to be able to grow and learn with your best friend by your side.”

“I’m so grateful for this man. He keeps me off WebMD from self-diagnosing, and always keeps me ugly laughing.” Instagram

The couple is currently living their dream life in Hawaii.

Source: The Way We Met